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Huiyu Fluid contributes to the global fight against the epidemic!

As an ordinary private enterprise, Huiyu Weiye (Beijing) Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huiyu Fluid”), which is controlled by Huiyu Group, produces products such as peristaltic pumps and automatic filling systems. Supporting production links contributed to the timely supply of anti-epidemic medical supplies.

The touch-screen automatic filling system and dispensing peristaltic pump produced by Huiyu Fluid are suitable for the production of anti-epidemic substances such as the precise and small-dose filling of nucleic acid detection reagents and the new crown vaccine.

After obtaining the qualification for resumption of production after the special approval last year, all employees of Huiyu Fluid quickly started to work and went all out to start production, especially after the large-scale outbreak of the epidemic in India and other countries. Provide medical assistance to developing countries and promote the fair distribution of the new crown vaccine in the world! This once again poses a greater challenge to my country’s vaccine production and supply chain.

The rise and fall, everyone is responsible”. All the employees of Huiyu Fluid strove to fight for progress at night, work overtime to catch up with the schedule, and contribute “Huiyu Power” to the fight against the epidemic without any complaints, and complete the production tasks on time, quality and quantity unconditionally.

Huiyu Weiye (Beijing) Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. can stand at the key node of the international anti-epidemic substance production chain, especially all employees actively fulfill their social responsibilities and set an example for all employees of the group. You are the pride of Huiyu Group! Your active efforts have won glory for Huiyu Group!

Representative product one touch screen filling system (model: GZ100-3A)

Mainly used for supporting use on automatic filling machinery. The number of channels can be customized, and online calibration is supported. The system recommends different filling schemes for customers to choose to achieve high-precision liquid filling.

Representative product two Intelligent sub-packing peristaltic pump (model: WT600F-2A series)

It is mainly used for large liquid filling in laboratories, research institutes, universities and industries, etc., the distribution liquid volume range: 0.1ml -99.9L, and multi-channels can be superimposed to work at the same time.

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