HUIYUWEIYE has been thoughtful in researching, developing and manufacturing process, fully guaranteeing product quality, and providing customers with safe, reliable, efficient and value-added power product solutions.


Industry Introduction

The pharmaceutical industry is mainly divided into two types: biopharmaceuticals and chemical pharmaceuticals. Biopharmaceuticals are cultivated from plants, animals, microorganisms, and fungi through some methods to extract the substances we need, and then make and package them into medicines. Chemical pharmacy is synthesized through chemical methods, decomposing the substances we need, and then making them into medicines. Whether it is biopharmaceutical or chemical pharmacy, precise metering and control will inevitably be used in the production process, and the dispensing of liquids and the precise addition of reagents are indispensable.

Industry Requirements

The fluid transmission and pollution-free production environment should be guaranteed during the production process. The working principle of the peristaltic pump determines that the transmission liquid only flows through the hose and does not come into contact with the pump body, completely blocking the possibility of contaminating the liquid medicine.

For the filling of liquid medicine, the filling range of the Huiyu peristaltic pump is 0.13ml-50ml, and the repeatability error is ±0.5%, which effectively guarantees the stability and high efficiency of transmission. Under the premise of high cleanliness, Huiyu hose supports repeated high temperature sterilization and repetitive use. The tube wall has low adsorption capacity and does not hang on to the residual liquid. It meets the food hygiene level and has passed USP, FDA, EP and other certifications. In addition, Huiyu peristaltic pumps also have a variety of pneumatic, explosion-proof, high-energy batteries and other products to deal with special environments such as high temperature, dust, vibration, and explosion-proof.


1. High-precision and small-dose filling of biological vaccines. Including new crown vaccine reagents, animal vaccines, virus reagents, vials and ampoules filling lines, oral liquids, eye drops, disinfectants, capsules and other small-dose filling.


2. Coating and granulating. After the tablet semi-finished products are granulated, the atomized syrup is sprayed through the Huiyu peristaltic pump of the bottom spray system of the material bed, and the tablets of different geometric shapes and sizes are coated with hot-melt film.