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Industry Introduction

The application of Huiyu peristaltic pumps in the field of laboratory research, especially in university laboratories, is very extensive. Including cell tissue transportation, specimen decolorization, perfusion, liquid chromatography analysis, and acid or alkaline solution transportation, as long as it involves fluid distribution, sampling, metering, filtration, fermentation, etc., peristaltic pumps may be used as power during the experiment. Realize the precise transmission and processing operation of the fluid.

Notable Features

The salient feature of Huiyu peristaltic pump is to use the pump tube as a pump room. The fluid only flows through the pump tube without contaminating the pump body, and the pump tube will not contaminate the fluid. Only the pump tube needs to be replaced when cleaning. This saves costly disassembly time and maintenance time.

The selection of Huiyu peristaltic pump is also very simple, only need to choose the pump head, pump tube and driving part. In addition, low cost, continuous work, low noise, low shear force, simple maintenance, clean and hygienic, multi-channel simultaneous transmission without cross-infection, good corrosion resistance, etc., make it very convenient and durable in the field of laboratory research Fluid transfer equipment.


1. Isolated heart perfusion experiment

This is a system that cooperates with the perfusion experiment of the isolated heart. In the isolated heart perfusion experiment, the animal heart is taken out, connected to a specific perfusion device, and peristaltic pump is used for constant flow perfusion, which eliminates the control of nerves and body fluids. With special analysis software, it records intraventricular pressure, arterial blood pressure and ECG signals, automatically The analysis of various physiological parameters is used in the study of cardiac function and hemodynamic changes under pathophysiological conditions, and has been widely used in physiological, pathophysiological and pharmacological research.

2. Quantitative feeding of glass reactor

Acid and alkali resistant glass-lined reactor is to line the inner surface of steel container with glass containing high silicon dioxide, after high-temperature burning, it firmly adheres to the metal surface to become a composite product. With the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength, it is an excellent corrosion-resistant equipment. It has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food and other industries. The dual-channel Huiyu peristaltic pump continuously drips in, and the acid-base solution does not cross-contaminate.

3. Quantitative addition of eluent to glass chromatography column

Chromatography is an abbreviation for "chromatography". A method for separating and measuring multi-component mixtures using the difference in physical properties of each component. The practical application is to use the peristaltic pump as a low-pressure pump, which has an effect similar to a pressurized ball, instead of manually pumping the eluent continuously. The slight vibration of the peristaltic pump will not affect the chromatographic separation. Laboratory ultrafiltration is similar.

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