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Industry Introduction

The food industry refers to the use of agricultural and sideline products as raw materials, through physical processing or the use of yeast fermentation methods to produce food. Beverages are liquids that have been packaged in fixed quantities for people or livestock to drink.

Food and beverage industry is a very common industry for the people. Everyone cannot do without food every day. The food and beverage industry is based on this sense of familiarity. It is different from other industries and requires special professional background knowledge. . Because of the indispensability of people, it has huge commercial investment value.

According to product attributes and business models, more than 20 sub-sectors can be subdivided. Among them, Huiyu peristaltic pumps are involved in condiments, drinks, snack foods, health products, etc.


Peristaltic pumps, also known as low-pressure pumps, usually have a dry pump casing and a non-reinforced pump casing, which provide compressive force through rollers. In a peristaltic tube pump, the tube is the material in contact with the fluid. Therefore, compared with other pumps, the peristaltic pump can avoid cross-contamination by replacing the hose, and can customize the chemical compatibility of the pump by replacing the tubing. At present, many special hoses for peristaltic pumps meet the requirements of USP, FDA, and NS, which can be used by customers to deal with different transmission matching.

Features of Huiyu Peristaltic Pump:

Special structure: good sealing, no leakage or pollution, and the crushed hose does not need lubrication.

Strong corrosion resistance: It can transport fluid materials with high viscosity, high density and strong corrosion, including liquid materials containing solid particles, crystals, fibrous materials and other impurities.

Strong self-priming: no blockages and malfunctions, small wall hanging, no residue, self-cleaning function, high lift, and can absorb materials positively and negatively.

Simple maintenance: quick installation, simple operation, low maintenance cost, low power consumption, high volumetric efficiency


Distribution of hot/cold soda, measurement of sauces and syrups, distribution of coffee flavors, distribution of concentrated juices, distribution of condiments, filling of alcoholic beverages, etc.

Beer filling

The prerequisite for selecting pumps in the beer industry is to consider whether the yeast, clarifiers, and other additives are hygienic transmission, and they must be transported through low shear so as not to destroy their internal components. Huiyu's peristaltic pump achieves this with low shear and self-priming, and supports online cleaning, saving time and improving efficiency without downtime. In addition, there is no siphon and sliding phenomenon, and the measurement accuracy can reach ±0.5%.