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Industry Introduction

Medical testing is to conduct microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, genetics, hematology, biophysics, cytology and other aspects of materials taken from the human body, so as to provide for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of human diseases and assessment of human health A science of information.

With the continuous improvement of the current medical level, medical equipment and diagnostic testing instruments are playing an increasingly important role as supporting equipment. Among them, the clean and stable delivery of reagents and samples, Huiyu peristaltic pump has become a good choice for supporting related medical testing equipment. In clinical medical equipment, applications such as extracorporeal circulation, irrigation, perfusion, and cold confirmation are involved. The medical industry requires that the medical equipment must meet the requirements of Class III certification and FDA. As a supporting equipment, Huiyu peristaltic pump exerts its advantages.

The Huiyu peristaltic pump solves the above concerns when dealing with the liquid transmission process: the liquid is completely hygienic and guaranteed, and there is no risk of cross-contamination; the operation is simple, and the hose can be quickly replaced, which improves the efficiency of diagnostic reagents or liquid transmission. Reliability provides guarantee; smooth operation.


Endoscope flushing and washing, dental equipment, sterilization machine, hemodialysis, blood processing equipment, analytical instruments and diagnostic equipment, saline flushing and cooling, tumor resection, cosmetic liposuction, in vitro diagnostic reagents, surgical debridement, colon dialysis , Enema machine, tumor radiofrequency ablation instrument and other in vitro diagnostics.

Specific case

1. Endoscope flushing and washing, surgical debridement, etc.

In endoscopic surgery, the Huiyu peristaltic pump can be directly used as an endoscope water delivery device, and operated as a medical endoscope flushing pump. It delivers sterile liquid, physiological saline and other corresponding medical solutions to the endoscope through precise transmission functions. Wash the mucosal surface and wounds to assist endoscopic diagnosis and treatment, and promote the smooth completion of diagnosis and treatment operations.

2. Hemodialysis

Dialysis is a treatment method that removes harmful components in body fluids from the body through a semi-permeable membrane. The Huiyu peristaltic pump on the hemodialysis machine transports blood and dialysate hygienically through a disposable pipeline, without contact with the pump body, and no cross-contamination occurs.

3. Colon dialysis, enema machine

Colonic perfusion is mainly aimed at the diseased tumor tissues in the body. After first raising the body temperature to the treatment temperature, the catheter is introduced into the colon of the body, and the perfusion irrigation pipe is used. The Huiyu peristaltic pump can provide a stable and controllable flow rate without contact with liquids or drugs. After a certain period of time, it will be discharged from the body by the catheter to achieve the effect of cleaning the harmful components in the body. Under the condition of not harming normal tissues, the purpose of treatment of tumor cell apoptosis is achieved.